Outline Guide

Tailoring instead of ready-mades

Each residential project is unique. They all pass through the same stages, however, when it comes to combining different ideas about living together, defining the needs of the group’s members, and creating a common environment and living space.

The chief activity in the orientation phase, which is usually the longest, is searching. The group forms. Fundamental decisions are made. In the planning phase, attention turns to selecting external experts. The project is planned, calculated and optimized. For the first time, the group has to deal with costs and financing. Things take a more concrete shape in the next phase: purchase and construction preparation. The property is purchased. All of the preparations for the construction phase are made. The ultimate goal is reached with the residential phase. Now the property needs to be managed and administered. New group-related processes are initiated and run their course.

For further informations you may want to take a look at our bilingual brochure Living in a Community. This brochure is intended for everyone who is interested in a housing project. It provides basic information and orientation in terms of the key aspects of planning and implementation. It also summarizes the experiences of community housing projects that were surveyed in the summer of 2011. We present fifteen projects here as examples.

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